Route to Registration

How to get certified to an ISO standard.

  • Buy a copy of the required Standard and familiarize yourself with the requirement.

  • Research the wealth of information available, both published and web based, that can help you navigate and implement the Standard.

  • Senior management commitment and involvement is crucial – they decide on the business strategy that needs to be supported by the management system.

  • Look to work with an external consultant to assist with both defining your strategy as well as the actual implementation.

  • Establish a dedicated team to develop and implement the management system – they may require training to equip them with Standard specific knowledge.

  • Look at our training courses to find out how we can help.

  • Your management system should document all of your organisation’s policies and processes for managing its activities. 

  • Establishing process performance monitoring, identifying areas of weakness, analyzing problems and implementing continual improvement measures allow you to focus on customer and business needs.

  • Procedures describing the key processes of your organisation will help you to establish a culture of best practice within your organisation.

  • Effective communication and appropriate training are key to successful implementation, to ensure that the whole organisation is working in accordance with your procedures.

  • Keep controlled records, so that you can demonstrate how effective your management system is.

  • After your internal audit, conduct a management review and ensure any corrective actions are fulfilled to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.

  • Continual improvement is central to the main objectives behind implementing any management system, and its effectiveness depends in part on working with a certification partner who understands the importance of continually looking for opportunities to refine and improve your business operations.

  • We have an enviable record for customer satisfaction.

  • A “pre-assessment” will provide you with a preliminary evaluation of your management system, enabling you to identify opportunities for improvement and potential non-conformances before beginning the accredited certification process.

  • On successful completion, we’ll issue a certificate of registration, clearly outlining the scope of your certification. 

  • Our certificates carry the UKAS “Crown and Tick” logo – essential if your certificate is to be recognized by clients, partners and other stakeholders.

  • Your ISOQAR Africa auditor will carry out annual audits for on-going conformance, and support your continual improvement activities.

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