Is you organisation determined to obtain ISO Certification?

No need to postpone and endure the long delay.
ISOQAR Africa has successfully completed a number of remote audits with current and new clients.
How to go about:

The following procedure is to be followed in the event of a stage one remote audit;

Step one – Download and complete questionnaire “Application Form

Step two – Approve proposal and submit back to ISOQAR Africa

Step three – Follow procedure below pertaining to the remote audit.

The ISOQAR client manager will communicate directly with the operations representative to establish their ability to be audited remotely. This includes information such as available conference facilities, resource and technology available to support the audit. Once the remote audit is confirmed, written confirmation is sent to the client and the remote audit is confirmed in the diaries.

Remote audits can be carried out using a number of methods. Where possible Teams, Zoom or Skype meetings could be scheduled to allow the sharing of information between auditor and the client representative. If this is not possible then email and speaker phones can be used. The client representative must be contacted prior to the audit to explain the process and ensure availability of the relevant staff. This can also be carried out during the opening meeting.

The following process descriptions will be required during the Stage one audit:

During stage one the auditor will review the requirements of the management system, including: documented information (System procedures/processes, document templates) The auditor will review the organization’s scope and gather information on the processes and operations, equipment, levels of control, and any statutory or regulatory requirements. The auditor will be looking to make sure that objectives are being set and key performance indicators, or system aspects, are defined and understood. Both internal audits and management reviews will be evaluated to make sure they are being performed adequately along with the implementation of the management system to determine if the organization is ready to move forward with the Stage 2 Certification Audit.

The minimum information required during a stage two audit hens the close out of stage one opportunities are:

  • Records internal audits and management review
  • A review of actions taken on non-conformities identified during the previous audit
  • Complaints handling
  • Effectiveness of the management system with regard to achieving the certified client’s objectives and the intended results of the respective management system (s)
  • Review progress of planned activities aimed at continual improvement
  • Confirm continuing operational control. This can be using evidence such as production records and maintenance records, video or photographic evidence
  • Review of any changes
  • Use of marks and/or any other reference to certification
  • Interviews with appropriate staff

This is not a definitive list and it is important that sufficient information and evidence is gathered to confirm that the management system remains effective. Where possible the auditor will ask the client to supply evidence in advance of the audit to save time.

Note: Due to the nature of the remote audits, there will be no site/operational visits. This however must be schedule as soon as possible hens the lifting of the COVID 19 Pandemic. A period of six (6) months will be granted for the site/operational visit to be conducted.

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